Church concept design

Beauty Ever Ancient, Ever New

The new St. Martin of Tours church is designed as a sacred building in line with our 2,000-year-old living Catholic tradition and 127-year Texas history, to accommodate and anticipate the present and future needs of our growing parish.

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Traditional Design

The Catholic architectural tradition is based on ancient systems of order, proportions, and symbolic language to visibly communicate God’s nature, his design for the universe, and his plan for our salvation. When this tradition is intentionally and authentically drawn from, adapted to a specific context, and built upon, it is expressed in a unique way that finds a home in any culture.

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Church floor plan
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Approx. $4,075,000 committed as of 5/2/2019

The Campaign

At this conceptual phase, the projected cost of the new church is $8 million. The capital campaign, together with the money parishioners have already raised and other funding sources, will provide the financing to build our new church.

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